Sex With Rosalee

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Rosalee has returned for her eighth erotic hypnosis session. This completes her journey from our initial meeting and introduction in the first session, through more intimate and explicit interactions, and cumulating with sexual intercourse.

I've been hypnotizing Rosalee repeatedly over a 3 year period. This is a great example of the responsiveness of a subject who has received long term conditioning. The transition from her normal frame of mind in to the trance state through the hypnotic process is very quick and smooth, as she is well used to the ritual of this process. As i begin this process I explore her thoughts and feelings regarding having sex with me, both in general and specifically today. We establish both her consent and her enthusiasm. I stimulate her arousal as I do this, and we get her in to the mood. Hypnotized, horny and ready for sex, I stroke her pussy through her clothes and she enjoys it. I then suggest that her pussy feels ticklish, and enjoy the response this has on her. I then return her to a purely horny state of being, and use her embrace trigger. She snaps to me and wraps herself around me. I give her suggestions that cause her to feel as though she hasn't had sex in a very long time, and really I'm the only man that she wants in this moment. I have her open her eyes and look in to mine, falling passionately in love. She spontaneously leans in to me and kisses me.

I have her count backwards, deepening her trance state. I then pull her top down around her breasts and feel her up. I continue to give her hypnotic suggestions to respond favorably to me, linking this to looking in to my eyes, which I have her do. I recall giving her a "hump" trigger linking to one of her earliest masturbatory experiences, that she shared with me while in a hypnotic trance in a previous session. I'm pleased with her response as she responds to the trigger instantly and as expected.

I loop her mind on the number three as she counts down deeper in to the trance. She goes deeper and deeper in to this mindless trance with every repetition, and I enjoy the feel of her breasts in both of my hands as she leans back against me, squirming with sexual arousal and desire. I continue to stimulate her arousal with suggestion and continue to draw her out, preparing her for when I decide to take her.

I freeze her, and change the number three to the phrase "I serve and obey," which she continues to repeat over and over as she goes deeper and deeper. I continue to enjoy the feel of her tits. I then have her stand at attention and continue to pull her top off. At the snap of my fingers, her eyes pop awake, and then a sleep command causes her to tumble in to my arms. I use her embrace trigger and ask her who she serves and who she obeys. She responds correctly. I then have her strip on command.

I have her kneel before me, and then I have her continue to repeat her phrase. I ask her how she feels and she tells me that she wants to fuck me very badly. I am pleased with this and I give her the butterscotch command. She immediately takes me in to her mouth. I suggest that her enthusiasm increases, then I suggest that she's afraid that I might not fuck her and that she should beg me with her mouth as she enjoys her butterscotch. I take a moment to step back and enjoy how curvy she looks as she is on her hands and knees focused only on serving and obeying my every desire.

I suggest that her pussy feels empty and needs to be filled. I then have her lay on her back. I have her masturbate there on the floor before me. I ask her how she feels and she tells me that she wants to cum and she wants to fuck me. I have her continue to say her phrase as she tries to have the orgasm that she wants, with her fingers between her legs. She moves her other hand up to her breast. She's unable to orgasm without my permission and she is clearly aroused. I suggest that although she wants to continue to stimulate her pussy, she will play with her breasts with both hands. I enjoy the sight of this, and I am now ready to enjoy her fully. I tell her that I will enter her but suggest that she won't pay attention to it. She continues to chant that she serves and obeys and continues to play with her breasts I enjoy the sight, entering her. I then snap her out of the trance mid-coitus.

I ask her what she does, and she is confused as to what the answer should be. I place her back in to the trance state and have her stare blankly in my eyes, repeating and believing that she serves and obeys. I then tease her with some sexy thoughts, and then I hav her stare in to my eyes, repeating over and over again, "I love you Master, fuck me Master." She gets very in to this, and then I have her chant that she serves and obeys. I trigger increasingly intense orgasms, before surprising her with a tickle butt command. I then return to her pleasure triggers. I tell her that I shouldn't make her have a tickle butt, and she shakes her head, so I give her a tickle pussy.

I dismount her and trigger her orgasms as she lays on the floor. I then tease her again with a tickle butt. I ask her what she does and she tells me that she serves me. I am pleased that she has learned. I then have her rub her pussy for a bit. I decide that I'm curious about the first time she ever had sex. I have her tell me about it as she continues to play with her pussy. I have her pull me inside her and I immediately trigger her pleasure. I then give her permission to cum freely. She gets really in to it, and I have her cum on command with increasing intensity. I play a little joke on her and trigger her tickle butt, before returning with a last climax.

I have her masturbate again, free to feel her pleasure. I let her enjoy herself for a short time, then I have her relax and take her through a progressive relaxation exercise with occasional surprise pleasure triggers. She's relaxed, so her pleasure trigger ia somewhat muted. I take a few moments reinforcing her pleasure triggers speed and intensity, even if she's otherwise relaxed. At the end of this, she's squirming naked on the floor before me. I continue to relax her, then I go down next to her and finger her very receptive pussy. I stretch out her perception of the passing of time as I stroke her. She's very responsive to this. We are briefly interrupted by housekeeping, but Rosalee doesn't even take notice. I send housekeeping away, but now I'm in a slightly different mood, so I tease her with the tickle butt, stretching out her time perception in the same way.

I bring Rosalee back to her feet. I suggest that she's holding balloons that pull her hands up, and then I place her in to an itchy situation with her breasts that she can't scratch. I also freeze her in a mannequin pose. While I have her on her feet, I have her jog in place until a surprise orgasm trigger. I bring her out of the trance, and trigger her trance in rapid succession. I suggest that she feels that she's having more sex with me, and I trigger her pleasure. As I do she, she finds it hard to stay upright and I bring her nearly to her knees.

Standing frozen before me, I finger her as she repeats that she serves and obeys. I leave her like this for a short time, then I change her pose as she softly repeats her phrase. I give her suggestions relating to responding favorably towards me, while feeling more horny. I help myself to her breasts as I continue to suggest increased arousal and increased sexual urgency. I link just having a passing thought about me will turn her on. I then have her think of herself as my horny and obedient fuck toy. I spend time with her to help her absorb this concept, and to feel proud of being my horny and obedient fucktoy.

I have her chant over and over that she is my horny and obedient fucktoy. I lead her docile blank and mindless to the bed. I leave her there, blank, waiting and receptive, with just that one thought in her mind.

I spend time stimulating her arousal, and then relaxing her completely. I can turn her on and off like a switch. Just by saying the word horny to her, she's immediately turned on and ready to fuck. I tease her in this state, seeing what response it has on her. When I feel that she can hardly take it any more, I trigger her relaxation and then start her through the process again. I do this to her a few times, then I spread her open and trigger her orgasms.

[End of Session]