Rosalee on the Edge

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Chapter 1

We begin this session by talking about her previous session being hypnotized with Bea. I ask her about what her favorite part was. I have her tell me about what was going through her mind, and some of her recollections.

I have Rosalee stand at attention, take a few deep breaths, and then at the touch of her forehead I trigger her trance and she drops in to my arms.

I ask her questions relating to her feelings towards having another session with me, the anticipation that she feels, and the fantasizing that she does about our sessions. She immediately tells me about recalling and fantasizing about sucking my cock on command as a triggered behavior. I also ask her about what it was like to suck pussy on command as well.

Her enthusiasm for oral sex is enticing and I have her kneel before me. I check her long term conditioning and am pleased with the response. I give her a stroke command and continue to build up her arousal with her various pleasure triggers. I then have her think back to her session with Bea, talking with her about the focus she showed while licking Bea's pussy on command. I suggest that she's very horny and on the edge of an orgasm. I then use her butterscotch trigger.

As I enjoy her oral enthusiasm, I add a few suggestions to enhance the experience. I make her feel very horny, and let her know that I'm going to keep her that way for a long time without the release of orgasm.

I have her stand at attention and ask her how she feels about sucking cock on command. I rub her pussy through her skirt, arousing her and teasing her more, reinforcing that she will not be allowed to cum tonight without my permission.

Chapter 2

I have Rosalee think back to her hast session with Bea when they were laying on the bed, next to each other, with their legs spread, as I stroked their pussies. I review her long term conditioning, seeing if touching her pussy brings her mantra in to mind. It doesn't automatically, but after a few hints it comes back to her. I explore her conscious and subconscious association with this mantra.

I trigger Rosalee's trance and give her the suggestion that she will fall deeply in love with the next man that she kisses. I give her the kiss command and we can see the effect of the suggestion.

I ask her questions about how it's like to kiss me and what it's like making her feel horny and keeping her that way. I tease her about how I'm not going to give her release, and continue to stimulate her arousal. She tells me it's not fair.

I have her stand at attention in a trance state and let her relax a little. I ask her about how she feels attracted to me. I amplify these feelings in her with suggestion.

Chapter 3

I suggest to Rosalee that her shirt feels tight and she should take it off. I then relax her with my voice as she stands in her bra. I walk over to her and touch her neck and beneath her breasts as I talk with her about how watching the video of the session that they had together has turned me on. I ask her who she obeys and she answers correctly. I continue to enhance her kiss command and lay it on very thick.

I use this trigger and am pleased with the result. I then have her tell me how she feels and am satisfied with the response. I go through this process of using her kiss trigger and then having her stand at attention while I question her several times.

I ask her if she would like to be at my disposal with Bea at a future night and she answers yes. I suggest to her a very graphic masturbatory fantasy that she will masturbate to between now and that session.

I then repeatedly use, but interrupt and frustrate her kiss command, working her up. I then have her kneel, use her kiss command, and interrupt it with her butterscotch trigger. This adds an additional level of enthusiasm to an already enthusiastic blowjob. I add a special modification of the kiss butterscotch command to her programming, which she eagerly accepts.

Chapter 4

Kneeling before me, I have Rosalee present her breasts. I trigger her pleasure, and then have her repeat out loud and believe, "I love you Master." I trigger her pleasure, and have her repeat it again. After a few iterations, she takes it on as a chant, and I trigger her pleasure while fondling her breasts and touching the back of her neck.

I then have her play with her boobies while she continues this chant. I am pleased with this and let her continue for a time. I then tell her that she will continue these actions while she carries out my next command. I walk over and use her butterscotch trigger, and enjoy watching her suck on my while playing with her boobs, while continuing her chant. I notice that the angle of the camera doesn't quite capture what I'm seeing, and I adjust the camera and continue this. I bring her out of the trance and ask her how she feels. She tells me that she wants to suck my cock some more, so I trigger her to do so. I then trigger her chance and she settles in to an interesting position on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Chapter 5

I ask her how she feels and I am pleased with the response. I then suggest that at the snap of my fingers, she will feel hornier than she's ever felt in her life. I have her take off her panties and then ask her when was the last time that she felt so horny. She tells me that it was with me, and that I do this to her. I have her show me what she would do if she were on her own and she plays with her pussy. I then continue to explore her feelings and response to me.

I continue to tease her with her predicament of being horny without release. She tells me again that it's not fair. I then have her believe and tell me that she loves it. I tell her to repeat out loud and believe that she's "my Master's little horny fuck toy." She's so worked up that she can hardly say it, but she gets in to it. I then issue her butterscotch trigger. I leave her still stimulating her pussy the entire time.

Chapter 6

I continue to tease Rosalee by talking about previous sessions where I've triggered lots of orgasms. She tells me that this is the first time she recalls ever being denied orgasms like this. She's not recalling Rosalee 5, so it's very interesting to me that she doesn't make the association.

I talk with her about what it's like for her to have spent several years being conditioned to be what is essentially my HypnoSlave.

We then have a conversation around some of the member feedback that I've received. The first one is about mantras and blowjobs. The next one is about girls playing with themselves. I place Rosalee back in to her trance state and have her spread her legs and think back to giving and receiving a pussy fingering. I then have her touch her pussy in a way that she wishes Bea would touch it. I have her describe what she is doing.

She gets really worked up again, but I still deny her the orgasm.

Chapter 7

Rosalee continues to touch her pussy, and I decide to throw a monkey wrench in to the works suggesting that her hand has become very slippery, making it difficult for her to continue. I'm not satisfied with her degree of frustration, so I suggest that she can't find her pussy. This is amusing, and I leave her this way for a while. I take her thorough both again, and then ask her which is more torturous, slippery fingers, or not being able to find it.

Chapter 8

I interrupt Rosalee's touching herself by having her stand at attention. I trigger her deepened trance, and she slumps against me. I feel her breasts and ask her how it feels. I then tease her pussy, and ask her how it feels. She tells me that she wants to cum so bad. I ask her how it feels and she tells me that it's my decision. I use her kiss trigger.

I deepen her trance and have her repeat her, "touch my pussy, fuck my pussy, Master," mantra. I then have her think about hearing Bea say those words and ask her how it made her feel. I the ask her about various permutations of the Butterscotch command with Bea around. I then ask if they've spoken about the session, and ask her to share that conversation with me. I share my thoughts with her about the prospect of pursuing a kiss command with Bea

I have Rosalee fantasize about being in bed with 10 naked hypnotized women all rolling around in orgasms. Then I trigger increased horniness while she helplessly stands at attention.

touch her while suggesting and increased favorable response to my touch. I trigger her kiss, but frustrate it. I have her describe how she feels, and she's very fixated on her need to cum. We take another comment relating to Rosalee focusing on me as her Master. We talk about this a little.

We then discuss a longer feedback item. Since it takes a little longer I instruct Be to continue to stand at attention getting increasingly horny. The topic of sex comes up and we talk about that briefly as she continues to get more and more worked up.

Chapter 9

I ask Rosalee if she's ever had to beg for sex before. She thinks about it for a few moments and answers that she has with me. I tell her that if she wants to have sex, that at the snap of my fingers she'll have to beg for it. I snap my fingers and the begging begins! I increase her arousal and horniness and notice how it affects the begging. Then, mid word I trigger her attention command and then drop her deep in to the trance. I give her a suggestion that my touch anywhere on her body will cause her to feel everything she was feeling towards me while she was begging for sex. I touch her breasts and ask her how she feels, and enjoy the result.

Chapter 10

I give her a mantra with my name in it, and she struggles with it. She's so worked up at this point in our session that I wouldn't be surprised if she couldn't manage her own name. It probably doesn't help her situation that I"m fingering her pussy. I teach her the syllables of my name and provide her with positive reinforcement. She still can't quite get my name, and I tease her, suggesting that I was about to give her one as a reward.

Chapter 11

I have Rosalee count backwards from 50. As she nears 40, I have her embrace me. By 38 I use her stroke command. As she gets close to 30 I tweak her nipples a bit. I then have her stand at attention and let her continue through the 20's, all the way down. I have her describe how she feels.

Now that she's settled a bit, I talk with her about what sort of suggestion she would put in to Bea's mind. I then ask how she would feel if that were put in to her mind. I tell her about something that I forgot to do last session with her and Bea, and get her response to it. I then have her fantasize about it, and this gets her worked up again.

I have her describe what this situation is like for her.

Chapter 12

I place Rosalee back in to the trance and come over and touch her. I have her stare blankly in to space as I fondle her. I ask her how she feels and she answers that she wants me to fuck her so bad. I relax her and then repeat the process again. I spend some time moving her response to my touch from a conscious place to a subconscious place, as I embellish on it.

I have her stroke me as I fondle her. I'm very pleased with her current state.

Chapter 13

I have Rosalee kneel before more. I touch her and ask her what she wants. I decide to channel this energy in to a kiss butterscotch command. I encourage her, but I also tease her for being so close, but I still deny her the release. I have her kneel, and calm her down and slow the flow.

I then double, redouble, and double again her arousal, and she is worked up again. I have her describe how she feels, and she is 100 percent focused on wanting to cum. I tease her some more, asking her if I left her this way would she be able to cum. She shakes her head no, and I tease her some more.

She agrees that she would happily be my plaything for as long as I want, and I have her focus on the frustration. I then trigger her kiss butterscotch command and observe how this affects her performance. I continue to suggest that she become more and more horny while she carries out the butterscotch command and it's quite noticeable. I channel all this emotional intensity in to her perception of me.

I pause her again, and give her a few moments to catch her breath. I then bring her to a more normal state of consciousness and talk with her a bit about where she is mentally.

Chapter 14

I have Rosalee stand at attention and focus on her breathing. I play with her a bit by having her make animal sounds on my trigger. I continue to ramp up her pleasure and arousal. I ask her how she feels, and she answers that she feels confused.

I talk with her about how I've decided to not use any laughter or giggling commands, as that is how I do tension relief, and I've decided not to give her any tension relief this session.

Chapter 15

I have Rosalee count backwards from 50, while I bring a chair over for her to sit on. I talk with her a bit, and then have her remove her clothes. I deepen her trance and then have her spread her legs. I tease her pleasure and arousal then I walk over and slowly stroke her pussy and breasts. I have her think about sex some more, and continue to stimulate her arousal and pleasure via suggestion and physically. I patiently work her up in to a frenzy. I place her back in to the trance state.

Chapter 16

I have Rosalee masturbate, and she is completely captivated in her sexual need and desire. I tease her while she's like this. I interrupt her masturbation by triggering her trance, deepening and relaxing her.

Chapter 17

I bring Rosalee to a more normal state of mind and show her a video clip that I recently filmed with her and Bea. I have her describe her response to it. I suggest that she go ahead and masturbate while watching it. I point out the unfairness of having her watch herself and Bea having orgasms while she is denied.

I deepen her trance and bring up more videos to observe Rosalee's response to.

Chapter 18

After edging her for 64 minutes, I trigger Rosalee's orgasm. Then a couple more.