Samantha Hypnotized

63 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2014-10-19

VIP Price: 9.95

I do a session with the shy and nervous Samantha in a trance.

Samantha has a fantastic pair of breasts that look fantastic inside her pink sweater.She is completely focused on my voice and goes under my spell, and I train her to feel pleasure on my command. She takes off her clothes one item at a time under my command.

I train her to orgasm on command, and I have her kiss me as she has her first orgasm.

Naked and in a trance, I enjoy her breasts, touching, grabbing and squeezing them. I have her play with and squeeze her breasts for me. I train her to stand before me at attention, waiting for my next command. I have her job in place and do naked jumping jacks.

She is amazed at the control that I have over her, and her curiosity overcomes her shyness and brings her back to me to enjoy some more.The multiple cameras allow us to see her from many angles, and we get a good look at her face as she responds to what's happening, and we see how deeply it affects her.

"Wow that was a great session! Are you working with her again? I think she is by far the hottest girl you have worked with, and you work with a lot of hot women. I would love to see more of her. She was a little reserved but I love how you slowly opened her up. I could tell she was shy but I liked that and I think with more sessions I would love to see where you could take her. Keep up the good work!"

"Hey Aaron I've bought a couple vids from you in the past and I must say that I really liked the new girl Samantha. She's just as sexy as you described. I would love to see more videos with her involved."

"That video was very titillating. She is beautiful! She has an amazing smile... [and a] strong innocent personality, natural and shy. Shyness turns me on in women... She seems like once she lets go totally, she is going to be very arousing."

"It felt like she needed to be more safe and secure. You were doing a good job trying to get her there, but there was a fair bit of hesitation on her part. It looked like her response was most intense when pleasure was gently stacked and looped.

She seemed to want to cross a line, but was holding back, wondering how to get across that line, and let her decision be hers, but with you at the wheel.

All in all, she's a gorgeous model and seems like a good subject. Thanks for continued fine content."

"Very impressive session. She's definitely worth working with again."

"Samantha had an amazing rack on her!"

"I have purchased many of your clips and enjoy your work but I must say that Samantha was by the far the best clip I ever purchased from anyone."

What Samatha Is Saying About being Hypnotized:

"I had a pretty good time being hypnotized by you. it was an awesome experience."