Suzy Hypnotized

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We begin by meeting Suzy, our very attractive hypnotic subject. As I do the induction, she is surprised by how it is causing her to sway, and she feels like she might fall. I know that this is a prime indicator of suggestibility, and proceed rapidly to the trance state.

I reinforce the ideas of relaxation, taking her in to a deep trance. Then I have her open her eyes, and stare with fascination at the crystal again, which is pulling the thoughts out of her mind. Since her thoughts are in the crystal, and the crystal is in my hand, I control her thoughts, and my words become her thoughts as she goes very deep for me.

We continue the deepening exercises with a progressive relaxation exercise which will relax her mind and her body from head to toe.

Next we check for trance depth and responsiveness by doing the floating balloon exercise. I also give her her post hypnotic trance triggers.

Suzy is relaxed, and I suggest that she would feel more relaxed if she took off her shoes. After she takes them off, I suggest that she feels ticklish. The innocent feelings of being tickled then start to turn more erotic.

Using hypnotic suggestion, suzy takes off her dress, and ends up bent over showing us her ass.

Through suggestion, Suzy realizes that she would like to take off her panties. We then deepen her trance, and then give her the suggestion that she trusts and believes everything I say, deeply and instinctively.

Now it’s time to do her early morning exercises, so Suzy does naked jumping jacks. Then a short stretch, and then it’s time to do a countdown from 20 to deepen her trance state.

I wake up Suzy and suggest that she feels horny, and a little spaced out. I then talk with her a bit to get to know her a little better. However, we can see that she’s really tranced out, so I take out the crystal again, and put her back in to the trance.

We now do some frozen mannequin play with Suzy.

Frozen in place as a mannequin, with one leg up on a chair, I suggest that she feels the best oral sex of her life. We then place her almost in a normal standing position.

We now learn that Suzy was a cheerleader in High School and in College, so we find out about the amazing secret life of cheerleaders. Then by surprise, I take her deep in to the trance, and start to make erotic suggestions about how she feels.

We continue to play with Suzy’s levels of her perception of arousal.

Now it’s time to wake ups Suzy and place her in the pleasure chair. While she squirms a little bit, I offer her a glass of water. (Hey, the lights are hot!)

Shortly after giving Suzy her glass of water, she accidently spills a little on herself. This gives me an idea that I simply can’t resist.

I’ve left her counting in to a deeper trance while my crew changed the tapes. We continue with the session with an even more deeply hypnotized Suzy. I then suggest that she is very thirst, but that the water is a powerful aphrodisiac, however, when I say the word towel, she’ll have an uncontrollable need to dump the water all over her breasts with no idea why. This will be frustrating, because she wants to finish the glass for the pleasure of orgasm.

I hand Suzy another glass of water, and then reach for the TOWEL. I then use her trance trigger, and suggest that she’s in the shower. Since she’s alone in the shower, I suggest that she should touch herself in a way that makes her feel really good.

Suzy gets out of the shower, in her mind, and towels herself off. I then give her suggestions that she’s going to feel slutty. She then puts on her cheerleader uniform.

Before getting started, I find myself next to a cheerleader, so I decide to reveal something about myself…

We now begin Suzy’s early morning workout with the thighmaster exercise. After that, I place her back in a trance state, and suggest that she feels really really horny. As she rubs her thighs together, listening to my suggestions, I give her the idea that the most important thing that a cheerleader can do is get sexy pictures taken of her. I then reinforce the arousal, and hornyness, and sluttiness, and all these feelings for when I wake her up.

Suzy, as the horny cheerleader, puts on a show for our camera. All I can say is… wow! This ends with a freeze command, and then I take out my crystal.

Entranced, I ask suzy what her thoughts are, and she replies: “Wonderful.” I then suggest that now that she’s so turned on, she needs to feel some pleasure. I suggest that she takes both hands and place them in front of her body, between her lets. I’m sure you can guess what happens next! I’ll give you a hint, it involves an ice cube and an orgasm.

I now suggest that Suzy counts backwards from 30 to 1, and while she’s counting, she’ll be completely unaware of anything that’s happening to her. I then decide to put this to the test with my ice cube. Then I suggest that her body feels incredibly sensitive, and that she’s very aroused. I then bring out my ice cube again. Then I suggest that she feels the best oral sex of her life. This is one hot clip!

Now Suzy is awake, and I ask her the question I always ask… “What’s it like to be hypnotized?” I get the answer I usually get, “I don’t know…” We talk a little bit along those lines, and I play a few hypnotic jokes (turning her around in the middle of a sentence). Then I surprise her with her trigger, take her deep, and place her in a sexy pose and suggest extreme arousal.

Deeply entranced, we ask Suzy if she likes fruit. She says yes. I then ask if she likes apples. She says no. It’s a good thing I asked! I then move on to oranges. She says that she likes those. I then have one of my assistants hand me an onion…

Now that her cheerleader outfit is wet (see clip 25), I tell her that we can’t give her any water, but ask he what she’d like instead. It takes a little bit, but we come back to the oranges… I then have her hypnotize herself with her own finger.

Now I give Suzy a drunk suggestion. Drunk and horny to be exact!

Suggesting that she’s feeling the best sex of her life, I ask Suzy why she’s still wearing her top. In the middle of taking it off, I freeze her in to position, giving her even more suggestions. Now, on the basis that she enjoys motorcycles, I give her the impression that she’s going to take a naked motorcycle ride.

Coming to a climax (pun intended), I give Suzy a suggestion that she feels incredibly ticklish. This leads to feelings of arousal. Then when it gets to be much and she’s squirming, I turn her in to a mannequin again, and use suggestion to bring her to orgasm.

I now suggest that Suzy finishes her early morning workout by jogging on the beach. In the middle of this, I suddenly wake her up and now it’s time to try to explain to her why she’s been spilling water all over her tits all night.

Suzy finally masters the towel suggestion, and congratulations are in order! We then wrap up the session.