Synthia Hypnotized

62 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2008-08-04

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Clip One – ( 6:05 ) 12/1/2008
I begin the session with Synthia with a brief talk. She watched a few other sessions being filmed earlier, and appears to be a little nervous. I ask her some questions to find out about her feelings and perceptions about hypnosis and what she has seen so far. I begin the induction process, and take her from nervousness, to relaxation, to trance, and finally to arousal. I then give her a powerful suggestion that causes her to feel aroused in a physical sense when I say the word pleasure. I use this command on her several times and watch her melt.

Clip Two – ( 2:46 ) 12/2/2008
I take her deeper in to hypnosis and suggest that she’s feeling the best oral sex of her lfie. I take control of her pleasure and her arousal for the night. Then I suggest that she’s very hot and that it’s her clothes that are making her hot. At the snap of my fingers she takes them off. Once she’s naked, I drop her in to a deep trance state.

Clip Three – ( 2:39 ) 12/3/2008
Naked in my arms, I give her suggestions that cause her to feel good in every way. I then suggest that everywhere that skin touches skin feels really good. I build up her arousal and then trigger an orgasm on command. I then cause her to feel horny as I lift her hand in to the air, and suggest that being hypnotized by me causes her to feel horny. I leave her hand frozen in the air, and then suggest that she’s having sex. I then trigger several orgasms, then drop her in to a deep trance.

Clip Four – ( 2:49 ) 12/4/2008
I suggest that she’s being tickled in different places on her body, and watch her response. I then trigger pleasure and an orgasm. I ask her when the last time she came was, and she answers never. I then train her to cum on command.

Clip Five – ( 1:51 ) 12/5/2008
I increase her arousal, and then explain what a sexual climax is to her before triggering one.

Clip Six – ( 2:09 ) 12/6/2008
With her arms around my neck, I suggest to her that she’s dancing with the sexiest man in the world. I trigger pleasure and then suggest that she’s having the best sex of her life. I notice some hesitation in her movements and combined with some of her answers to some of the questions that I’ve asked her about sex, wonder briefly if she is a virgin. She answers that she isn’t, so now I suggest that she’s having better than the best sex of her life, and this gets a definite response out of her. I then trigger a couple of orgasms.

Clip Seven – ( 5:29 ) 12/7/2008
I lead her through an orgasm version of the progressive relaxation exercise. While doing it, I ask her how she feels, and she answers that she’s confused. So I take a few moments to understand why she feels confused, and suggest new ways to feel to enhance the pleasure of the experience for her. I give her a suggestion to feel sexy and confident, and to believe for the rest of the night that she is the sexiest woman on Earth. I then have her orgasm showing that belief.

Clip Eight – ( 3:05 ) 12/8/2008
I finish leading her through the orgasm version of the progressive relaxation exercise, and trigger a whole lot of pleasure and orgasms. I then suggest that she is being spanked a little bit. Then I suggest that she’s being tickled.

Clip Nine – ( 2:40 ) 12/9/2008
I have her feel pleasure on her lips and then an orgasm in her lips. I have her tell me her sexual fantasy, and she starts to giggle and resists. But I get her to tell me more, and then I have her feel serious about it and have her experience her fantasy.

Clip Ten – ( 1:13 ) 12/10/2008
I deepen her trance state, and then suggest that as I stroke her hair, she gets really turned on. I then suggest that she gets orgasms from what I’m doing to her hair.

Clip Eleven – ( 2:33 ) 12/11/2008
I give her suggestions of pleasure in her nipples. Then I bring her to a more normal state of consciousness and talk with her a bit. After that, I drop her back in to a trance state, and have her play with her breasts in the way that she likes to have them touched.

Clip Twelve – ( 4:39 ) 12/12/2008
I try to get the thoughts that she has while pleasuring herself from her, but she’s very resistant. I suggest many forms of pleasure to coax them out of her.

Clip Thirteen – ( 3:34 ) 12/13/2008
I take the number three out of her mind, and then bring her out of the trance state. I play with her for a while, and then drop her back in to the trance state. The next orgasm is going to be so powerful, that I advise her to hold on to me tight so that she won’t fall.

Clip Fourteen – ( 1:40 ) 12/14/2008
We revisit the missing number while she’s in the trance state. I then give her back her number, but I use a partial trigger to return her to the trance state, and suggest a whole lot of pleasure and orgasms.

Clip Fifteen – ( 1:20 ) 12/15/2008
It’s time for her to do her early morning workout. First she jogs in place. Next she does jumping jacks.

Clip Sixteen – ( 1:52 ) 12/16/2008
I increase the intensity of the pleasure command.

Clip Seventeen – ( 3:16 ) 12/17/2008
Now that her early morning workout is finished, it’s time for her to take a shower. She reaches out to turn on the water, and I suggest that it’s COLD, really really cold. She jumps back, but then it’s not cold any more. This goes on for a few moments, then it switches in to a general feeling of a desire to show off her body. I then have her step feet apart a little, and suggest that there is a tongue licking her, but teasing her. The pleasure builds, and then there’s thousands of tongues licking her body.

Clip Eighteen – ( 2:31 ) 12/18/2008
I turn her in to a mannequin while she is in a state resembling normal consciousness. I then enjoy posing her for a while. I ask her a few questions while I play with her, and also trigger a few orgasms.

Clip Nineteen – ( 1:39 ) 12/19/2008
I introduce her to my flogger of extreme ticklishness. She complains that it tickles, so I turn her in to a mannequin and then continue using it on her.

Clip Twenty – ( 2:52 ) 12/20/2008
Now I introduce her to the flogger of extreme horniness. At one point, she puts her ass out to be flogged in a very sexy manner, so I decide to bend her over. She has trouble staying in position, so I turn her in to a mannequin again.

Clip Twenty-One – ( 2:54 ) 12/21/2008
I have her count backwards, out loud, from 20 a couple of times with different building effects of pleasure and arousal. I then ask her if she’s ever been spanked for pleasure before this night. She answers yes, and I ask her about her feelings about it. I then do some hypno-spanking for pleasure with her. I then ask her if she’s ever been restrained for pleasure before.

Clip Twenty-Two – ( 1:58 ) 12/22/2008
Hypnotized and in my arms, pressed up against me, I suggest that she’s having incredible sex. Then one final orgasm before I end the session. [ End of session. ]