Victoria Hypnotized

62 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2006-06-03

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Victoria Hypnotized was one of the most popular sessions in the HypnosisFetish collection. I think this is because of the raw passion that Victoria had. Easily hypnotized, the raw sexuality unleashed took even me by surprise.

Clip One – ( 3:56 ) //2006
This clip begins with Victoria asking me in French if I speak French. I reply with my joke that my friends say that I speak Aaron and that they need to translate it in in to French. I then ask her if she’s ever been hypnotized before or seen it and she told me that she hasn’t had any experience with it. I begin the induction, and she responds very quickly.

Clip Two – ( 6:43 ) //2006
I continue the induction process with a progressive relaxation exercise. As this continues, her body language shows that she is drawn to me, and you can see her enjoyment of my suggestions of pleasure.

Clip Three – ( 4:32 ) //2006
I continue to give Victoria suggestions of passion and arousal, and then I suggest that on the count of three she will kiss me with all the passion that she’s ever felt in her life and this will cause her to orgasm. I give her orgasm after orgasm after orgasm until it’s too much and she asks me to stop. I do, of course, and she embraces me intimately.

Clip Four – ( 2:12 ) //2006
In my embrace, Victoria continues to kiss me, and between kisses I give her suggestions of peace, joy, happiness, bliss, and nirvana. As she relaxes from all the intense pleasure, I give her gentle pleasures. I then suggest that she trace her fingers on her breasts seductively, hoping that I will touch her the way that she is touching herself. Shortly after, she takes my hand and pulls it up to her breast. I then suggest to her that she take my hands and move them wherever on her body that she wants to feel them.

Clip Five – ( 2:48 ) //2006
I suggest that Victoria thinks that it would be wonderful to take off her skirt. I ask her how she feels and she answers very clearly that she feels aroused, passion. Then moves closer to me, so I suggest that she feels the best sex of her life. She gets totally in to it, and it’s amazing. I suggest more orgasms for her in the process. Then I suggest that when I kiss her breast, that it will be the cutest thing that she’s ever felt in her life.

Clip Six – ( 3:33 ) //2006
Now I suggest that she’s being tickled. I then switch the feelings of being tickled to feelings of pleasure. I suggest that she trace her body with my hands as she feels pleasure. As she feels this pleasure, I give her positive suggestions to feel more pleasure in the future. Then I suggest at the count of three that she is going to have three powerful orgasms fast in a row that only last half a second each. It brings her to her knees.

Clip Seven – ( 3:28 ) //2006
I give Victoria more pleasure, and she curls up in to my lap. I suggest that she tells me her sexual fantasies.

Clip Eight – ( 5:16 ) //2006
She desires that I touch her, so I suggest that she blurt out where she wants me to touch her. She does. I then explain the relaxed orgasm to her, and give her more pleasure.

Clip Nine – ( 1:47 ) //2006
I suggest that Victoria is relaxing on the beach. I suggest to her many sensations of pleasure, and then I suggest that she express what she’s feeling with you body.

Clip Ten – ( 2:17 ) //2006
After Victoria rises to her feet, I suggest that she dance against me, for my pleasure. I suggest that she dance with confidence to express everything that she feels right now. I then trigger more orgasms as she does this.

Clip Eleven – ( 2:30 ) //2006
I suggest that she’s dancing in a waterfall, touching up on her erotic feelings towards water. I then suggest that it would feel wonderful to feel my face nuzzled against her breasts, so I suggest that she will want to pull me in, and she does so quite forcefully! As she does this, I suggest orgasm leading to a powerful climax.

Clip Twelve – ( 4:02 ) //2006
I suggest that Victoria giggles, as she feels wonderful. I then trigger another orgasm, and then give her positive suggestions for the future.

Clip Thirteen – ( 1:45 ) //2006
Victoria, back on her feet, has her hands hypnotically bound above her head, as I suggest that she’s being tickled. I then suggest that she orgasms while she’s being tickled.

Clip Fourteen – ( 2:41 ) //2006
I attempt to dress Victoria, but I have a little difficulty with the process. In the meantime, I have her repeat over and over again the phrase, “Aaron has the power to control my clit,” as I suggest various forms of physical pleasure.

Clip Fifteen – ( 2:21 ) //2006
I suggest that violet feels my tongue licking her clit, and that she touch herself as she fantasizes about it, the way she touches herself when she’s alone. I bring her to the edge of an orgasm, but I block it at the last moment, driving her wild with desire… before finally unleashing the pleasure in a powerful orgasm.

Clip Sixteen – ( 4:03 ) //2006
I suggest to Victoria that she’s lying on the beech, give her suggestions that cause her to feel good as she cuddles up to me. I continue to give her positive suggestions. Then I suggest to her that she notice that my scent is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Clip Seventeen – ( 2:44 ) //2006
I continue to gently suggest pleasure, as I ask her what she sees when she looks in the mirror while naked.

Clip Eighteen – ( 2:16 ) //2006
When I count to three, Victoria realizes that she doesn’t want her shirt on any more. Additionally I suggest that she want to pull me up to my feet, push me against the wall, rub up against me and wants to touch me with all her passion and intensity, communicating with her body to tell me how she feels. She does this. I then bring her to orgasm again.

Clip Nineteen – ( 3:39 ) //2006
I now have Victoria stand up straight and tall. I have her get dressed, and then wrap up the session. I freeze her in to place and suggest pleasure. I have her express all the lust and passion that she feels in her face. I then wake her up in the same position that I placed her in to trance.

Clip Twenty – ( 5:01 ) //2006
This behind the scenes clip takes place after the formalized session is over, and we are taking a few publicity photographs. The chemistry that I have with Victoria endures beyond the formal session, as I continue to give her pleasure.

"Definitely enjoyed viewing this session. I loved her raw sexuality and how she responded to you. On top of that, she is drop-dead gorgeous."