Violette Hypnotized

61 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2008-02-27

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Clip One – ( 6:28 ) 3/25/2008
I begin the induction with a little suggestibility test. Then I have Violette focus her eyes inside her hand, and I lead her in to the formal trance process. I then lead her in to a progressive relaxation exercise. Half way through the exercise I see that she’s where I need her to be, as I give her a post hypnotic suggestion to bring her back in to hypnosis at a later time.

Clip Two – ( 2:36 ) 3/26/2008
I finish the progressive relaxation exercise with Violette.

Clip Three – ( 4:47 ) 3/27/2008
Now that her body is relaxed and her mind is focused on my voice, I suggest feelings of pleasure to Violette. I give her a suggestion that she feels pleasure when I say the word pleasure. Then I temporarily block her orgasm response to bring her to greater heights of arousal than normal. I then suggest feelings that she’s being kissed between her legs.

Clip Four – ( 3:45 ) 3/28/2008
I can see that Violette is melting in to pleasure, so now I suggest that those kisses between her legs turn in to the best oral sex of her life. It’s perfect, but she still won’t orgasm because it’s been blocked. As she feels these wonderful feelings, I enhance her pleasure trigger to what she’s feeling now. I suggest that it will feel good if she takes off her sweater, and she does. I experiment with different variations on the feeling of oral sex to see what she responds to the most.

Clip Five – ( 3:15 ) 3/29/2008
The best oral sex turn in to the best sex. I then build up the intensity of her feelings, and then release her orgasm block and have her orgasm, climax and cum by hypnosis.

Clip Six – ( 1:23 ) 3/30/2008
I trigger another orgasm from a state of relaxation, and continue to increase her responsiveness to the pleasure trigger. I then trigger more orgasms.

Clip Seven – ( 2:03 ) 3/31/2008
I ask Violette questions about her how she feels and about being hypnotized by me. The answers are encouraging. So I trigger more pleasure and the feeling of sex.

Clip Eight – ( 1:29 ) 4/1/2008
I have Violette take off her pink top. Then I have her take off her bra.

Clip Nine – ( 1:01 ) 4/2/2008
I suggest that Violette’s hands are stuck together and that she can’t pull them apart. After I release them, I ask her what she just felt. She answers pleasure, as she seems to only be aware of pleasure now.

Clip Ten – ( 3:38 ) 4/3/2008
I suggest that Violette is on a beach. I then have her slip out of her shoes, so she can more enjoy the beach. However, she finds her feet being tickled. Then the tickles move all throughout her body. I then suggest that she’s being kissed. Then an orgasm. Then more tickles. Then all at the same time. I then suggest that it’s her skirt that is ticking her and that she should take it off. When she does, I suggest that she feels beautiful, sexy and confident.

Clip Eleven – ( 1:19 ) 4/4/2008
I have Violette strike the sexiest pose she can think of. Then I have her trace her fingers over her body, and suggest that while she’s in a state of hypnosis, that her entire body feels like one erogenous zone, and everywhere that skin touches skin it feels as good as if it were touching her clit. I have her describe what she’s feeling.

Clip Twelve – ( 3:45 ) 4/5/2008
A quick deepener, and then more associating pleasure with my voice. Then a rapid buildup and an orgasm. Followed by a climax, and cumming. She feels pleasure and she feels happy and it radiates from her in every way possible. I then return to the beach metaphor, and suggest that she takes off her panties so that she can feel the tingle of the sun. I then take a good look at her with the camera, and then suggest that at the count of three she’s going to feel something in her clitoris that is something between an electric spark and a buzz. As she makes adorable faces of pleasure, I slip in a suggestion that there are balloons pulling her hands up high. This puts her in to a very sexy position, and I trigger a few orgasm.

Clip Thirteen – ( 3:06 ) 4/6/2008
I freeze Violette in to place. I then pose her in to position, like she was a beautiful statue, a work of art. Then, still in a state of hypnosis, I have her look deep in to my eyes, and I talk with her about the experience. I then trigger more orgasms, as she stares in to my eyes. I then give her every pleasure I can think of via suggestion, as she looks in to my eyes. I then pose her in to a different position, and then have her cum a couple of times, alternating between harder and softer.

Clip Fourteen – ( 1:27 ) 4/7/2008
There are many ways that people can have orgasms. I lead Violette through a couple of them. The 3 half second orgasms, the ass orgasm, and the big toe orgasm.

Clip Fifteen – ( 4:25 ) 4/8/2008
I have Violette share with me her ultimate sexual fantasy. I use hypnosis to explore this fantasy with her, until finally she reaches the point where she gives in to the fantasy completely. Then multiple orgasms, before time moves slow and she has the relaxed orgasm that melts through her.

Clip Sixteen – ( 4:05 ) 4/9/2008
I introduce Violette to the floggers of Extreme Ticklishness and Extreme Horniness. I then use them on her. This leads to orgasms, and then I see how long she can stretch out the orgasm with her fantasy and natural sexiness.

Clip Seventeen – ( 3:26 ) 4/10/2008
I give Violette some positive suggestions for after the session. I then suggest that she can bring herself to orgasm just by touching her breasts in a sexy way. However, there’s a force field preventing her from doing just that. I let the frustration build a little and then I drop the forcefield and she brings herself pleasure.

Clip Eighteen – ( 8:53 ) 4/11/2008
I relax Violette in to a deep trance state, and then I dress her in preparation for the ending of the session. I take her back to her fantasy, and now instead of two girls, there are 20 girls pleasuring her. I suggest that she feels like a princess as she’s being dressed.