Wish Hypnotized

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I talk with Wish, and ask her if she’s ever been hypnotized before. She says that she was in High School, but doesn’t remember much. I can tell that she’s going to be very responsive, so I move very quickly in to the induction process.

I continue the induction process with Wish with a progressive relaxation exercise. As I take her through this exercise, I give her suggestions that going in to hypnosis for me causes her to feel pleasure, and that it’s very arousing, that it’s the biggest turn on in the world.

I suggest that Wish feels very good. I also suggest that she feels sexy, beautiful and confident, and also deeply hypnotized. I continue to condition her to respond to being hypnotized by me with pleasure.

I suggest that when she hears music next, Wish will do a sexy strip tease for me, desiring my attention.

Wish is now naked and in my arms. I have her gaze in to my eyes, entranced, as I suggest that she feels the best sex of her life. In the middle of the sex, I freeze her, and give her more suggestions increasing my ability to control her pleasure. I then have her feel the sex again, and suggest that she will try to bring herself off, but that she can’t. I then command her to orgasm.

I cause Wish to feel more pleasure as I suggest a sense of loyalty and dedication to my project, loving the feeling of experiencing erotic hypnosis from me. Then an orgasm.

I suggest to Wish that she is being tickled in various parts of her body.

I suggest that Wish embraces me as a lover, because she feels that way. Pressed up against me, I suggest that she feels like she’s having sex, and that she’s very enthusiastic, and wants to show off. She then looks in to my eyes and orgasms.

I attempt to unlock her memories of being hypnotized in high school, but I don’t get anywhere with that, so I decide to go a different route, and lead her through a new memory that reinforces the idea that being hypnotized is sexy to her. I describe how her hands got stuck together, and then she was lead up to the stage. I then describe to her how it makes her feel. Then she is given a suggestion to be a lingerie model in front of the entire school.

I continue the fantasy, freezing her and posing her as a mannequin. Controlling her completely, and causing her to feel more and more turned on. I then whisper the suggestion in her ear that when I accidentally brush the back of my hand against her breasts, she will orgasm. As she feels the pleasure from my touch, I suggest to her that she will chase after my hand and let nothing stand between her and her pleasure.

I suggest that Wish’s clit feels sensitive and that she just wants to touch herself because it feels amazing. I then suggest that she will moan, and on the 10th one she will come. However, I freeze her on her ninth. In this moment, I put the thought in to her head that I turn her on. As she feels all these things, I talk with her and ask her how she feels about these things. She responds that she very enthusiastically enjoys it.

Wish is now a fairy tale princess in a deep sleep. I suggest that when I kiss her, she wakes up in to an orgasm.

I bring Wish out of the trance state, with no memory of the trance, and not noticing that she is naked, until I say the word realize. When I ask her if she thinks she will orgasm from hypnosis, she gives the startling answer that she doesn’t orgasm from sex. As I’ve just seen that she is both an excellent trance subject and very responsive to orgasm through suggestion, this is very curious to me. I also ask her if he orgasms from toys or masturbation, and she tells me that she doesn’t really do it very often, that she doesn’t like it. Once again, this is very different from what I just watched, and I can only imagine the pent up sexual frustrations inside of her that so easily come out with my words.

Wish is feeling pleasure and is very open to my words. On her knees before me, looking in to my eyes, I take her under my direct control. After giving her a few commands, like barking like a dog, which she instantly obeys, I alter her sexuality so that she can easily orgasm when she’s having sex with someone she likes. Additionally, I train her to be multiply orgasmic, and thus alter her sexuality.

It’s time for Wish’s early morning workout. Naked jumping jacks and jogging in place.

Now, I begin preparing Wish to be my HypnoSlave in the future. I then lead in to some hypno-spanking.

I suggest to Wish that she really wants me to notice her breasts and draws attention to them. Then I suggest that she feels that she’s having sex again.

I suggest to Wish that she dance to express her feelings about being hypnotized by me. I also suggest to her that she knows that I can always make her orgasm by telling her to, and ask her how this makes her feel. I then give her so many orgasms that she collapses to her knees.

Now it’s time to finish the session, so I do the end of session wrap up. [ End of Session ]