Suzy Hypnotized

January 18, 2017

I'm happy to see all the excitement about the re-release of Suzy Hypnotized.

Please note, if you already have Suzy Hypnotized in your VIP member's account, you do not need to re-purchase this session. You already have it, and it's already available in your VIP member's Area.

Suzy Hypnotized (2004) Re-release

January 17, 2017

I'm happy to announce the re-release of Suzy Hypnotized. Preview picts and a description can be found here.

This classic session featured an erotic hypnosis session with a former cheerleader. The session begins with an eye fixation induction using a crystal pendant, which we return to from time to time in the session.

Suzy has a hot body with particularly attractive breasts. I place her on display doing some hypnotic mannequin play. At one point we see the depth of her trance and hypnotic responsiveness, having her bite in to an onion and believing it's an orange. As the response to a post-hypnotic trigger, she spills a glass of water on herself repeatedly through the session.

The pacing and the characteristics of the session is consistent with that phase of my work, and over the session has stood the test of time, remaining a favorite of a number of HypnosisFetish.com VIP Members.

Feedback from this session will have an impact on whether more classic sessions will receive this re-release treatment.

Classic Sessions - Suzy Hypnotized

January 17, 2017

One of our site VIP Members wrote me recently to express a desire to see some of the older edits of some of the classic sessions. Throughout much of the history of this website, I've filmed the sessions with at least two video cameras running, just in case one camera missed something, we'd have a chance of getting it on the other camera.

Over time, as the video editing software improved, along with my understanding of cinematic theory, this evolved in to a two camera setup with the intention of releasing an edit of the footage with the two angles. This keeps the video more interesting to the eye as we are able to see things in greater detail, and to have multiple perspectives to observe the session from.

Some time ago, a server crash resulted in the loss of many of these edits. Additionally, a number of video format upgrades over the years made a number of these edits obsolete in the form that they were rendered in. As such, much of the classic video library was made available in the form of the raw camera angles, and since then I've had to devote the vast majority of my time to securing new sessions, along with all the other things that keeping my website and this project as a whole operating on a day to day basis.

While educating my member on the specifics on how this came to unfold, and the difficulties involved in recreating the edits, I had an opportunity to revisit this matter and to give it some serious thought.

A lot of the technology that I used in 2003, for example, to film a session and ultimately produce a video of that session for distribution, has changed over the years. I've done my best, under the circumstances, to preserve my archive and to continuously migrate it in to the current era of whatever technology I am using. Even when times were tough, this preservation of my life's work has always been a priority.

The limitations of the time prohibited storing a lot of production assets that would be useful now to restore much of these classic edits. However, not feeling satisfied with where I was leaving things for my long time VIP Member who wrote me about this, I decided to see what could be done with the current technology that I'm working with, and the original source material.

As it turns out, rather a lot could be done. So I decided to run Suzy Hypnotized from 2004 through postproduction again and to see what would happen. The results ended up being a lot nicer than I had anticipated.

Much of the older footage doesn't have the greatest sound quality, mainly because the technology from over a decade ago wasn't all that great, but also because of my understanding of video production was still developing. So right out the gate, I gave the audio tracks a 8 db boost, which helped quite a bit. Before I re-release this video, I'll play around with that a little more and boost it as high as I can without degrading it.

Generally the older video footage didn't match too well between the cameras. This was before I standardized on the same model of camera, which made it easier to have them set to the same settings (although, even that may not yield the same results). To be honest, back in those days I didn't really know how to set up the cameras, and typically had a staff doing that anyway. Sometimes we got great video quality and sometimes we got okay video quality. Even so, the two cameras usually weren't matched up, and to further compound matters, in those days we were shooting Standard Definition video, which is going to have an image quality that is inferior to modern High Definition standards. Even so, with a little bit of modern color adjustment in Adobe Premiere, I was able to bring the colors and image quality much closer together than they ever were in the original multi camera edit of this session.

On the wide shot of the video there was a slight framing issue caused by the camera's CMOS seeing a wider viewing angle than the camera's LCD viewfinder. Over the years, we would learn that the viewfinder lies, so you should shoot tighter than you need. While there is a slight image quality hit for zooming the image a little in post production, it's negligible since having Standard Definition source material already places an upper limit on image quality that is always going to feel sub par to the bar set by High Definition. As such, the framing issue it corrects creates a net gain in perceived quality.

So anyways, long story short, I'm about half way through the re-release edit of Suzy Hypnotized and I'm actually starting to get really excited about it. As long as I don't run in to any problems, it should be available tonight or tomorrow. That session is also lacking in a preview picts and description page, so I'll get that sorted out as well.

Cancelled Orders

January 2, 2017

One of the HypnosisFetish.com VIP Members has just brought to my attention a minor bug where sessions in orders that have been administratively cancelled may still be showing up as pending in your recent orders list in the VIP Member's Area.

It's more than a quick fix on account of how I originally implemented this list, so it will take a day or two for me to re-program it.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

Pre-Release Best of the Street Hypnosis Experience

December 26, 2016

I'm excited to announce that I'm prepared to stabilize the pre-release version of my "best of" collection of Street Hypnosis videos.

This collection consists of 38 sessions spanning over a 9 month period of time. Over that time period, I spent 110 days doing street hypnosis throughout the United States. As compared to my studio or my stage work, street hypnosis tends to be much more unpredictable it's results and outcomes.

This unpredictably arises from a number of factors. First, we have little control over the environment that we are doing hypnosis in. So it becomes interesting to see just what the minimum amount of environmental control is necessary to move forward with hypnotic phenomena. Second, there's little organized structure and no expectation or reputation to make use of. All you have is what you've got in the moment. Third, you don't really know anything about that next volunteer.

In many ways there are two main goals to the street hypnosis work that I did, beyond the obvious goals of having a good time and putting on a good show. The first of these two main goals is to see what suggestions can be given, and under what circumstances, to produce a relative degree of reliable and predictable outcomes. The second goal is to see under what circumstance a more extreme, moon-shot, suggestion can be given, and what sort of results you can get.

Just as the hypnosis work is a little more unpredictable than my studio sessions, the audio and video quality is also unpredictable. While there are some cases of well framed video, shot in relative peace and quiet on a sunny day, the vast majority of the sessions happen under difficult lighting conditions, with whatever angle can be had in the moment, and usually with a lot of surrounding noise. Most of these sessions are complete interactions from start to finish, or as close to complete as was possible under the circumstances. There are a few that are fragments, just because that's all that was filmed and I really liked what was filmed. I tried to keep the fragments to a minimum.

StreetHypnosisExperience.com is the home of this project, and there are a few feature videos from some of the different locations I did hypnosis at, to give you a rough idea of what the material is like.

The best of collection is the result of going through the hours upon hours of video filmed on the road. These 38 videos that feature the most interesting and responsive of the sessions.

Privately, I like to compare my studio videos, with my private videos, with my stage shows, with my private life, with my street performances. It's interesting to me to see what is possible in those different contexts. With the street performances, I met a lot of women, and it was always interesting to see just how far I could take things without crossing the line.

This pre-release of the collection will be made available in a limited capacity, probably to the first 10 people who request it. There's already been signification interest. The pre-release version is going to be set at 29.95, with the official release version to be set at a price to be determined after I have time to go through feedback from the pre-release.

Send me a message through the Information Center for information on how to participate in the pre-release!

Reflections on Victoria Hypnotized

December 22, 2016


Victoria Hypnotized ( Preview picts and Description ) remains to this day to be a key and pivotal session in my own person erotic hypnosis journey.

Throughout my career as an erotic hypnotist, I had never seen a woman whom I have just met less than ten minutes ago turn in to such a horny and sexual creature. During our pre-induction talk nothing seemed unusual. Everything seemed so routine that I didn't even bother setting up the studio. Then all of a sudden it was like a switch had been flipped.

During earlier phases of my career I might not have believed my eyes, but at this point all I could think of was the line from "Starship Troopers..." "Don't pass up a good thing."

While going through my archives, I found a slightly different angle from my photographer's camera, and increased the gain on the audio about 6db. Check it out:

Victoria 040

This session, this part in particular really opened my eyes up to how things could be, and I like to think that if this state of being is possible in a subject, then why wouldn't they want to experience it? Looking at it another way, wouldn't it be cruel to have a woman in such a state of heat and to not give her some stimulation and pleasure? Why wouldn't you?



If you haven't checked out this session yet, I would encourage you to do so, because it's pretty hot!

InfoCenter Notifications

December 22, 2016

I'm very excited to announce a little addition to the VIP Member's Area Information Center to increase it's convenience and usability.

The Information Center now features e-mail alerts on new activity in the Information Center. There's a few features to this functionality that I want to talk about.

First, it's opt in completely. This functionality doesn't activate unless you have gone in and explicitly turned it on. The way that I designed the software was very limited, because I wanted there to be zero false positives. The link to turn on e-mail alerts can be found at the top of the information center page, as well as your current email alert status.

On the other side of that coin, you can also turn it off at any moment. The change is nearly instantaneous, and your status will update immediately without needing to reload the page. So if you want to take a break, then turn it off. If you're chatting with me over the evening and don't want a million e-mail alerts, then you can turn it off

Just remember to turn it back on at the end of the conversation if you want them to resume!

Second, it is as private as can be possible. The e-mail alerts don't carry any information, it's just a quick ping to let you know there's been activity. The total e-mail looks like this:

From: HF Info Center
Subject: HF Info Center Notification

There is new activity in your VIP Member's Information Center

Most modern e-mail clients will just display HF Info Center and not the e-mail address unless you go deeper in to looking at the message headers.

So if you have your e-mail screen open, or if someone is looking over your shoulder, no problem, it's not going to draw any undue attention. Obviously if someone does further inspection they'll eventually figure out the website. However, for any sort of casual glance, 9 times out of 10, this will protect your privacy

I'm really happy about the direction this takes the information center, because if you want to be alerted the moment there is something to know about, you have the power to make that happen. If you want to have it in one place waiting for you on your own time table and your own terms, you've already got that, that happens by default.

This moves us in a direction where we are doing most of our erotic hypnosis related discussion within the encrypted walls of the website, and just using email as a very lightweight attention ping.

With the Information Center being online and the optional e-mail notifications in place, I will be discontinuing the e-mail newsletter. There will be one more sent out to bring to attention the recent changes on the website and then I'll be discontinuing that. At which point I will only be using e-mail out of administrative necessity, and only when the Information Center can't handle the task. Most of the time that means if someone can't log in to their account.

If there are other ways that you would prefer to receive notifications, send me a message and I'll look in to how feasible that would be. Also, if you have any questions or comments on this, feel free to send me a message!

Amy Hypnotized

December 20, 2016

Amy Hypnotized (Desc and preview picts) is a classic session that has come up a lot in recent conversation through the questionnaires in the Information Center.

One of our VIP Members wrote:
"I came to your site a few years ago because someone showed me a video of Amy Hypnotized. I think to this day I enjoy that one the most because she was obviously such an introspective intellectual, and because she was so naturally responsive part of her really did have a hard time getting a handle on what was going on. Watching that conflict was truly funny."

To Which I responded:
"Amy Hypnotized will always be one of those sessions that I felt was very important in the journey that I went through. At that point I'm only a few years in to my career as a full time erotic hypnotist, I'm in my early 20's so I'm still sorting things out in terms of my understanding of a number of things, and in my exploration of Amy, I'm learning a lot of things. On top of that, the peculiar way that she responds to the various hypnotic phenomena, combined with the contrasts to her waking state, mixed with this sort of cross of resistance and rebellion mixed with consent and compliance gives me a lot to think about. Never mind the fact that there's something really hot and delicious about her naked and hypnotized and clearly being affected in all these ways."

I've really been impressed by how awesome of an experience the launch of the VIP Information Center has been. It's been great having conversations with a lot of you, and I've really enjoyed sharing sessions with a lot of you that you might not have known about. It's been a lot of fun.

I don't think in the history of HypnosisFetish have there been so many conversations going on at once. With e-mail, there's just no way to keep track of that many or to keep up with it all. However, with the communication center, I can do exactly that.

For example, with e-mail, I might get a question relating to a video I filmed 9 years ago while driving down the 101 in the San Francisco Bay area. I'm going to take a 2 second glance at it, classify it as non-actionable, and then it's going to get buried under the continual flood of e-mail that I get. Maybe in a month or two or twelve, I'll find that e-mail and then respond to it. Compare that to the Information Center where I can just go through each conversation on a daily basis, and just make sure that I've responded to every active conversation.

When I pull up that system, my head is in the game and I'm in conversation mode and I'm able to talk and respond in a meaningful and timely way.

Not only that, but you might catch me at a really good time. One of our VIP Member's tonight caught me online in the Information Center and ended up getting to see a significant pre-release of the Street Hypnosis Experience Videos I've been assembling. I felt like having a conversation about my work from a different perspective than my own, and he was in the right place at the right time. So you never know what might be going on at any given time on HypnosisFetish.com!

All HypnoSlave Videos Ported Over

December 16, 2016

The entire selection of HypnoSlave.com videos have been ported over to HypnosisFetish.com.

HD Videos:
Amanda HS
Amanda HS 2
Ashley HS
Ashley HS 2
Jill HS 2
Nails HS
Nails HS 2
Nails HS 3
Nails HS 4
Sandy and Alexis HS

The Street Hypnosis Experience

December 14, 2016

Back in 2013 I spent the year traveling the country doing street hypnosis. This resulted in 115 days of performances, and I had a pretty good time doing it.

On StreetHypnosisExperience.com there are a few feature videos from some of the different locations I did hypnosis at.

Anyways, I've been going through the hours upon hours of video filmed on the road, and it's looking like I've finally got the best of the best put together out of the sessions that we got on tape. The end result is about 40 videos that feature the most interesting and responsive of the sessions.

Privately, I like to compare my studio videos, with my private videos, with my stage shows, with my private life, with my street performances. It's interesting to me to see what is possible in those different contexts. With the street performances, I met a lot of women, and it was always a challenge to see just how far I could take things.

I'm going to be making this collection of material available soon. If anyone is interested in getting a copy, send me a message in the Information Center.

VIP Member's Area Video Views

December 13, 2016

There are currently four options for viewing your VIP Member's Content: The list view (which was the former default), the grid view, recent purchases, and chronological descending.

The chronological descending was something asked for in one of the questionnaire responses. Definitely a good idea, and please keep the good ideas coming. There's been a lot of new videos made this year, but the new Information Center and the questionnaire process is breathing a lot of new life in to the website it's self which is setting the stage for a really awesome 2017!

I've changed the default view to recent purchases. For 90% of the user accounts this should catch all your content. There may, however, be a few special cases where an older way that I used to do things might now be seen by these views. In that case, just click on list view to access your material, and then please contact me in the information center so that I can go in to your account and make sure everything is sorted, as I'm depreciating a number of older legacy functions to make way for a cleaner, smoother, and better user interface to the website.

Brittany and Kelly HypnoSlaves

December 13, 2016

I'm currently in the process of absorbing the HypnoSlave.com series of videos in to HypnosisFetish.com.

Filmed mostly in 2006 and 2007, HypnoSlave was about exploring our subjects a little more aggressively, and with more BDSM equipment involved.

Brittany and Nails HypnoSlaves had some really intense moments, and I turn the girls loose on themselves and each other.

Click here to see description and screen captures. (The add to cart link is on this page as well.)

I've also migrated the following HypnoSlave videos:
Brittany and Kelly Hypnoslaves

Brittany and Nails Hypnoslaves

DH Skye Hypnoslave

DJ Skye Hypnoslave 2

Jill Hypnoslave

Kelly, Brittany and Nails Hypnoslaves

Sarah Hypnoslave

Stephanie Hypnoslave

Wish Hypnoslave

December 2, 2016

There was a slight issue with the comp system, and a number of complimentary sessions added yesterday were not playing correctly for some VIP Members. I had switched a variable, and this caused the structure of the program to look correct, while resulting in incorrect behavior.

I've since fixed this program, corrected the database, and contacted all affected users through the VIP Information Center.

I'm confident that this fix solved the problem, and I personally went through the database to make sure that all affected accounts were corrected.

This was brought to my attention by a couple of VIP Members. Thank you for alerting me so that I could be aware of and resolve this issue!

December 1, 2016

I expanded the "tell me your favorite session" promotion, extending it to everyone who sent in a message to me through the new VIP Information Center. I appreciate everyone's feedback, and have enjoyed talking with a number of you. I've caught up with everyone's messages, and the final tally of 19 videos were comped out to HypnosisFetish.com VIP Members!

Contest For International VIP's

November 20, 2016

The next five VIP Members that contact me through the VIP Information Center who tell me what their favorite (or one of their favorites) video, and why will have an extra video added to their account free of charge.

Additionally, any VIP Member who is bilingual, drop me a message telling me what languages you know, as there may be some opportunities to have free videos added to your account soon if you possess the ability to understand languages other than English.

Minor Edits To The VIP Video Player

November 20, 2016

I've made some minor changes to the software that is responsible for delivering the VIP Member Videos. If you experience any usual behavior with the player, please report it immediately.

Prize For Next Five VIP Information Center Messages!

November 17, 2016

To get the word out about the new VIP Information Center, I've got a prize for the next five messages sent to me. They can be as simple as just saying "Hi," or you can ask me a question about the website, or a video, or whatever is on your mind.

I use a service that sends me a box with all the ingredients, and the instructions to prepare three meals for two (although they have different configurations). I've been using them for a while, and they're pretty awesome. I've never had an ingredient that wasn't in good shape, and it's nice because I don't have to stockpile a ton of a rarely used ingredient in order to make a single dish. I consider myself to be a decent cook, but I've used a variety of ingredients for the first time, and learned a few new cooking tools and techniques. My girlfriend, who didn't really know how to cook, has learned a lot in the process, and accumulated quite a few tasty recipes in the process.

Anyways, every once in a while they let me send a free box to five people via their e-mail address. I'm not mentioning them by name publicly because I don't want to give them free publicity, for every free box I send out, I get a credit. So not only do you get a free box of some tasty meals, but you also support the website by helping to keep me fed.

So if any of this sounds awesome to you, just send me a message in the information center. If you want me to use a different e-mail address than the one you log in with, then include that. Next, put in your zip code. Finally I'll need your first and last name for mailing purposes.

Unfortunately, this offer only applies to VIP's in the United States.

(Don't worry though, I'll have something special for international VIP's shortly!)

Andrea Hypnotized - This Week's Flashback

November 17, 2016

A personal favorite, from 2007, Andrea Hypnotized is this week's weekly flashback. For newer members, going through the archives, this session up until now didn't have a public description page or preview picts. I've remedied that and you can now take a look at those things on this page. Discounted to 4.95, there's never been a better time to see why this session is a personal favorite!

HypnosisFetish.com VIP Information Center

November 14, 2016

There's a new feature to the website that I'm making available for beta testing. The VIP Information Center found here is a single page that combines a message stream directly to me on the left hand column, while presenting the site news in the right hand column.

This design should make it easier to stay up to date on the latest HypnosisFetish.com news, while at the same time getting a faster response to messages sent in my direction.

Like everything else, I'm sure it will evolve over time. Let me know what you think.

November 11, 2016

There was temporarily a bug re-introduced in to the playback system. It caused some problems for iOS users and for anyone skipping to a different location in the video. It has since been resolved. My apologies for any inconvenience.

This issue was reported to me by one of the site members and I was able to get it fixed in roughly 90 minutes of it being reported. Please, if you are experiencing any issues regarding video playback, report them immediately. The community of users for this website is not as massive as some would imagine, and I really need you all to be an extra set of eyes and ears, as web development is orders of magnitude more complicated in the modern era than it was when I started running this website 16 years ago. I'm still up to the task, but I need the information to know to take action.

Ironically enough this bug was introduced in to the software when I was auditing the code and removing anything that would throw an error or a warning in to the server error log. My main workstation is four screens arranged 2 x 2, and the top monitor over my main monitor is dedicated to streaming that error log to me 24/7. By cleaning up my error logs, my attention can be brought more quickly to issues, ideally before any users would notice them. However, the server error logs don't catch every kind of error. That's where the other top monitor comes in to play, where I've been implementing custom error catching in to another 24/7 stream.

It's been a lot of work, but the server backend has come a long way, and it's getting to the point where it's getting pretty solid. It's the nature of the World Wide Web and both the client and server software, as well as the infrastructure that it runs on top of that it will always be a work in progress. Things are always changing, that's just the nature of the beast.